Sunday, December 12, 2010


Man it's been a while. Well not really, but longer than I would have liked and I've felt lazy. Got a bottle of La Fin Du Monde and a itch to finish an entry.

So I've a told a few people about what Chris and I were going to be doing. I should have kept my mouth shut. What is happening now is that people keep on asking me how it's going with the pig. What I should have done is have people try our food then tell them what we've done. Now I have people bugging me when we're in a stage of stagnancy because it's December and we're fucking busy.


What I hate even more is people who complain. And now I hate me right now. I've always known that what we hate about people is rooted in what we hate about ourselves. So enough self loathing and let's get to business.

Like I said I've told people about this little (well not really little) project. It has been suggested that we get some advice from a butcher about getting a pig and go to him for a little guidance in this pig matter. and that would be the smart thing to do. Well, we're not that smart. One of use carries a knife around while the other loses cell phones like loose change.

This project was meant to be very DIY. I mean we both went to school for cooking and we pride ourselves in the fact that we will be doing this project justice. This blog in essence is not really to let people know what we are doing but to be a note taking exercise. Still, if people are reading this it should entice (more like force) us to continue what must be done to keep stuff organized. Maybe it's not so bad that people keep asking use how things are going.

I've been thinking about finalizing our product list. It's hard to decide what parts will be what food and I think to help narrow it down we should start from the outside going in.

Feet. We can stuff the hoofs like they do at Au Pied Du Cochon. They can be pickled but I'm not really down for the idea. With such a rich playground of cartilage, brine is not what I'd like to join it. Sour/salt and pork can friends just not in this juncture. Braised feet Chinese style would be good too. We could do both being we have four feet.

Head. terrine or crispy head torchon.

Um well I finished the bottle of La Fin du Monde and I'm pretty drunk. will continue tomorrow.


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