Wednesday, November 24, 2010

pork shaped thought bubbles

Here's a list of ideas of what Chris and I want to make.

pig trotters
blood sausage (aka boudin noir)
blood pudding (filipino stylie)
terrine en croute
head cheese
longganisa(a filipino sausage)
crispy pata (deep fried pork shank)
American ribs
pork bone soup (aka gamjatang)
Cantonese BBQ pork

what I'm starting to think something is more important than deciding what will be made.
It need to be decide what MUST be done. By this I mean what technique must be used.

I'm sure Chris will agree that we must do most of the following:

Hot smoking
Cold smoking
sausage making

Another aspect that needs some organization is how much of what will be made. I will only figure
that out when I know how much of what (eg. how many pounds of pork belly) will we have. An educated
guess may be made if I study some pig anatomy and talk with a butcher. Hopefully it will be possible to
calculate how much of say pork shoulder will I have from a pig's total weight.

New steps seems to appear as we proceed. Each step being different carries with it a different, shall we say,
thought process. Each of which accumulates my worry.

That's how I know we should continue. I say myself 'Are you fucking nuts? We better be.'

Is there a word to describe having fun with one's growing insanity?

Now to finish of this post, may I present the following fucked up idea (and the inspiration of our URL)

Carpaccio of pork tenderloin.


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